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Step2 Lift and Hide Bookcase Storage Chest, Plastic Furniture Your Kids Really Love

by November 4, 2018

Step2 Lift and Hide bookcase storage chest is perfect choice if you start to teach reading to your little kiddos. Well, they must have many book collections in the room. How about teaching them to organize their stuff? While storing the books in the toy box is not a good idea, you need a special bookshelf that not only serves as storage but also decoration inside the play room or bedroom. This bookcase storage is the answer to your wish. Coming with playful design, this is what your children would like to have.

Step2 Lift provides special bookcase for children with cute color combination and safety features that will ensure your kids will not get hurt whenever using the furniture piece. It is designed with back panel that prevent the bookcase from falling behind. Children are naturally playful and you cannot change it. All you can do is providing furniture that is safe for their characteristics.

This Step2 Lift and Hide bookcase storage chest features book storage up to 10 inches, with large display shelf to display kids’ book collections. Not only functional, the features make this furniture a decorative piece inside kid’s bedroom or playroom. With suitable size for children, it serves easy access to your kids. Therefore, you can teach your kids to be independent with their stuff. The design is kid-friendly, allowing your children to put and store the book collections as they like.

The bookcase from Step2 Lift also features attached lid which can be lifted up to reveal. Underneath, there is 5 ½ cubic feet storage to hold up the books. The lid comes in two color options, white and red. You can choose one that suits kid’s bedroom or playroom. Step2 Lift and Hide bookcase storage chest pink is suitable for girls, while the red one can be used for boys. Not only the design, the furniture piece from Step2 Lift is made from durable plastic that is safe for kids.

Actually, the plastic furniture does not only serve as bookcase but also toy box. If you do not have too many books to store, toys can also be handled by this furniture. Are you interested? This item is designed with 21 x 28.5 x 38 inches of dimensions. Make sure you follow the instructions when assembling. In short, Step2 Lift and Hide bookcase storage chest can be your kid’s best friend for its function and playful design.

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