The Detailed Description of Versace VE2120 Cat Eye Sunglasses

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The Detailed Description of Versace VE2120 Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you are a fashion fan, especially head, and face gear, you must know Versace Ve2120 cat eye sunglasses. As the name implies, the sunglasses have a shape that’s quite unique and interesting, resembling the shape of cat’s eye. For more detailed information, let’s explore further.

Versace cat eye sunglasses have a product code VE2120. These glasses are certainly very suitable for use in summer, where the blazing sun can make your face shine and create a glamorous effect. In addition, Versace sunglasses 2018 are made of metal frames which are quite thick but do not interfere with appearance. For the lens itself, Versace chose Polycarbonate material that is lightweight yet resistant to scratches. Selection of the right material can certainly extend the life of these glasses. The overall physical shape is wrapped in the glossy gold-colored paint and adds to the impression of luxury to anyone who wears them. Another detail added by Versace is located in the corner. It is the logo of Medusa. Versace stated that the embedded Medusa logo signifies how the look of the glasses might shock many people as if they have been catching the eye with the Medusa herself.

Although the shape of Versace Ve2120 cat eye sunglasses seems feminine, it turns out these glasses belong to the unisex class. Therefore, it can be used for both women and men. Why are these glasses very suitable for use in the summer? It’s because they are also equipped with UV protection and anti-glare in the lens. Even though the lens is gray, the sunlight will not be able to dazzle your eyes.

If you are hesitant to buy Versace VE2120 cat eye sunglasses since you are afraid of damaging them, you don’t need to worry. In every purchase, you will get a warranty period of 2 years. The warranty includes lens replacement, frame repair, even full coverage if there is a production defect. Versace does this to provide long-term guarantees to customers, so they no longer hesitate to immediately buy these glasses.

One more thing that makes this product very useful is, in the purchase package, there will also be professional lens cleaners that you can use at any time if your glasses are dirty. The lens cleaner itself is very expensive if you have to buy it separately. Luckily, Versace put it into a package every purchase of the Versace ve2120 cat eye sunglasses.

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