Knowing Further about Sendik’s Home Office and Store Location

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Knowing Further about Sendiks Home Office and Store Location

Sendik’s home office is located at Wisconsin as headquarter that handles all managerial and employment. The complete address is in 7225 W Marcia Rd. Milwaukee, WI 53223, USA. Keep in mind that home office is different from store location. It is where employees manage customer service, products development, and financial transaction. Basically, this is the main office as the center of entire Sendik’s business.

If you are not around Wisconsin, the name sounds unfamiliar. What is Sendik’s? It is supermarket chain located in Greater Milwaukee with 17 branches. Sendik’s is not just ordinary store. The location is the key because only people around Milwaukee can visit and find it. The locations for store are Elm Grove, Franklin, Grafton, Greenfield, Hartland, Wauwatosa, West Bend, and other.

What do you get from Sendik’s store? This company is the store for products by local supplier, farmer, and brewer. You will find grocery with fresh form and organic features. They are available every day to fulfill your need. Sendik’s location is near farmhouse or field, but it’s accessible. The grocery consists of vegetables, fruits, and other organic products. If you want meat, there are several options for such purposes. As usual, Sendik’s always gives local beef and other meats as the top choice. Customers do not have to worry about quality. Most of suppliers that put their product in Sendik’s are family-based business. The production scale might not as big as the major player in meat industry. However, quality is the top priority because the products have passed quality control, including inspection.

What if you don’t have time to visit and do shopping? Well, fresh products are not just raw ingredients. There is cooked food with delivery service. People can order anytime and choose which recipe or menu they want to try. To order such service, Sendik’s home office promotes website. It is accessible via internet from your device. You can order directly from website then choose the menu. After that, wait at home for delivery. For smartphone users, Sendik’s provides mobile app in order to reach more customers.

To attract more people, the company also gives reward and coupon. If you buy more products, there is interesting price and discount. Use reward to get better price as loyal customer. This is the way Sendik’s adapts to fast changing market. Sendik’s home office is where all sales and marketing strategies are formulated to apply in store.

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