CB2 Helix Bookcase, the New Generation Bookcase that Will Last Longer

CB2 Helix Bookcase, the New Generation Bookcase that Will Last Longer

by October 15, 2018

You should consider getting a CB2 Helix bookcase if simplicity is more of your alley. Many people would like to have bookcase with simple design than book storage furniture that have too elaborate design. This bookcase series is made of sturdy wood such as acacia. Bookcases within Helix series also come in various shapes and sizes. Whatever your need and style, you can always find one bookcase that is going to fit your need. What are the biggest features of this bookcase series?

There are various designs of CB2 Helix bookcase from which you can choose from. If you want to have small book storage, you can get the one that is in 70 inches high. There is also bookcase that is about 96 inches high if you want higher storage. You should consider people who are going to utilize the bookcase unit though. It will not be convenient if you have to reach out far or crouch down just to get a book from the shelf.

This bookcase series also offers some additional functions. You can get bookcase that has drawers installed on it. It allows you to keep various trinkets which you do not want to show the world. Perhaps you can place writing equipment or reading glasses there for more secure storing. There is also CB2 Helix desk and bookcase combo. The lower part of the shelf can be utilized as work space. You can use your laptop and write letters over the desk securely. Its upper part is where you place book collections.

The ordering and shipping process of CB2 Helix bookcase is made very easy. You can order it from its official website easily. The bookcase will arrive at your front door in disassembled form. This form allows for smaller packaging which means more affordable shipping price. You do not have to fear about the assembly process. It is not that difficult. The package will come with DIY instructions. The step by step guide is also very easy to comprehend.

This bookcase series is among the most affordable ones in the market. Even then, its overall concept is very great. The material is comprised of mostly engineered hardwood. The metals are hand-forged and designed to withstand its heavy structure. It is made to be able to last you a very long time because of its very resistant materials. CB2 Helix bookcase is also designed to be more efficient and friendlier to nature.

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