The Elegant and Classy Monarch Kitchen Island with Black Granite Inset

by October 10, 2018

If you think that Monarch Kitchen Island with Black Granite Inset will look perfect for your kitchen, you definitely have a taste for something good. By looking at how hard to find this kitchen island, you will understand that more and more people are looking for this elegant and classy furniture. Meaning this furniture often becomes people’s choice to decorate their kitchen. This is so expected when it has a black finish with a black granite insert for its overall built.

For your information, with a whole 36 inch in height, 46 in weight and 25 inch in depth, this island can storage your various kinds of kitchen needs like utensils, seasonings, and such. Additionally, the solid hardwood also makes this kitchen island to be strong and somewhat hard to break. The black velvety finish makes it easier to fit in a modern theme kitchen. The granite is not toning-down the vibe either. It only makes the elegant vibe jump out.

For your information, originally made in Thailand, it needs around 45 minutes to assemble Monarch Kitchen Island with Black Granite Inset by professionals. However, if you are not a handyman, it is very expected to takes more than an hour. Obviously, there will be an assembling instruction to follow, but it is for the best if you just call a handyman and leave it to him to do the homework.

Well, back on the positive side, the features offered by this furniture are various. The large countertop makes it convenient for you to do the various cooking activities on top of it. Moreover, the large cabinet and double drawers will surely save you a lot of space as well. This feature may seem ordinary, but you should know that this Monarch Kitchen Island with Black Granite Inset is nothing like the others. Yes, there is another unique mechanism feature of this island where it allows you to slide the countertop. It will expand the width of the breakfast bar and make it much more spacious for a family to eat together.

In addition, if you are interested in purchasing this piece of furniture, you can directly go to the HSN’s official page and add the item to your list of favorites. That way, once the kitchen island is back in stock, you can immediately order it and have your hands on the classy Monarch Kitchen Island with Black Granite Inset.

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