Rodemack Kitchen Island

Rodemack Kitchen Island with Elegant, Classic, and Modern Style

by October 8, 2018

The Rodemack kitchen island has distinct design that combines modern and classic concept into single furniture. The size is compact with few cabinets, drawer, and countertop. It uses rectangle shape with closed cover for entire sides. Besides, there is also specific design that’s similar to car with wheels.

Before exploring more about the furniture, you need to know basic information about the kitchen island. In general, it is additional cabinetry with countertop to give more storage and area for cooking. In fact, ordinary table was not quite useful because lack of area to store small tools. Then, table is modified to have additional shelves and cabinet below countertop. That is where the kitchen island started to gain its recognition and functionality.

As information, the classic style from the Rodemack kitchen island is suitable for small event at home. The wheels give portability movement to put near to crowd. You can bring it next to living room where people gather to serve them with foods. Basic material is solid hardwood with veneer to increase the durability. Wood has been in furniture industry since long time ago and Rodemack style always uses wood as the key compound. The color depends on personal preference, such as black, dark brown, grey, rustic, and white. If you have modern room, white is preferable because it can blend perfectly.

Furthermore, the other design incorporates wine cellar, shelves, and drawers under countertop. This kitchen island does not have cabinet, but there are full covers that enclose in both sides. One layer shelves consist of weight cells is capable to keep wines at proper place. It is attached directly below countertop. In addition, there is open space as shelf to put big utensils. The last section is for two drawers next each other. Both are capable to keep anything safely, including sharp object. At the edge of countertop, you see hanger to keep towel.

As it stated above, basic material is wood for frame, cabinets, drawers, doors, and shelves. The design uses different material for countertop, which is granite. You do not have to worry about scratching during cooking since granite is strong. It is capable to withstand force from cutting object directly. No wonder people love this material for home. If a kitchen island uses wood for countertop, it is not particularly for cooking, but merely food serving. Therefore, adjust what you want to do before buying the Rodemack kitchen island.

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