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Dogwood Kitchen Island with Stainless Steel Counter Top for Utmost Storage

by October 6, 2018

Dogwood Kitchen Island with Stainless Steel Counter Top is the “it” item from Paula Deen Home. Adored by many, this kitchen island receives a huge positive response from dozens of buyers. It is proven by the number of good reviews and rating on Wayfair official page. First thing first, for its dimension, it has 36 inch height, 56 inch weight, and 36 inch depth. This says a lot about how spacious the kitchen island can be in that dimension.

The kitchen island is mainly made of a solid wood. The combination of birch veneer and oak is resulting in well-built, strong, and sturdy furniture. Moreover, the counter finish of the product is using stainless steel. Now, you can imagine the quality offered by this kitchen island. One thing for sure, this Dogwood Kitchen Island with Stainless Steel Counter Top will last for a long time. As for its features, it offers you exterior shelves, couples of drawers, a couple of cabinets, a towel rack on its left side, and a spice rack on its right side. You see, all these features are more than enough to store your kitchen utensils.

The color of this kitchen island is also neutral. It means that it will easily fit in your kitchen no matter what the theme is. It is simple, clean, and somewhat modern due to the shiny stainless-steel countertop. If you purchase this furniture, the store will give a free shipping service. If that’s not enough, they will deliver the package right outside your house, right in front of your doorstep.

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This offer is appealing since most of the delivery services nowadays are not free even when you buy an expensive thing from the store. The estimated time for your package of Dogwood Kitchen Island with Stainless Steel Counter Top to arrive is not that long either. It will usually take about five to seven days. This is also a good thing considering that sometimes the process of delivery takes more than a week.

Another good thing about this kitchen island is the fact that this furniture doesn’t need to be assembled. It is fully built from the factory, so you don’t need to trouble yourself by assembling piece by piece of them. The moment they set your kitchen island in kitchen, you are free to go. No more wasting time to assemble Dogwood Kitchen Island with Stainless Steel Counter Top set because there is nothing to assemble.

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