Looking the Functions and Design of Kitchen Island with Hidden Wheels

by October 4, 2018

Usually, people use a kitchen island with hidden wheels to be permanent furniture at kitchen. The wheels have function for mobility. Usually, the kitchen island with wheels is compact and quite small as similar to table. There are cabinets, drawers, and few racks as additional features.

Foremost reason to use the wheels is movable aspect when you want to adjust its position. With these wheels, the kitchen island seems similar to card where you can pull or push. The only difference is on its feature and it’s heavier due to wood material. Adjusting furniture at kitchen is not easy thing to do. You need to consider clearance zone, furniture size, and safety aspect. That’s why the wheels are required to accommodate this issue.

What is clearance zone? A kitchen island is the latest furniture to assembly and put at kitchen. Before it, you already install countertop for cooking alongside sink and few attached utensils. People see those stuffs are not enough to fulfill what they want then the kitchen island is suitable choice to place. However, you have to measure room size and open space then adjust clearance zone between the island and other furniture. It gives area for people to move around, particularly when cabinet or drawer is at open position. There is a risk for being hitting or slipping due to lack or space to let the body pass it.

The kitchen island with hidden wheels uses small cover to pretend that there are no wheels at all. It is practical way to do without replacing them directly. For your information, some wheels are not permanent on a kitchen island. You only use them when planning to move into new spot. Before doing that, put wheels directly on each corner to easy push or pull.

Moreover, the design is varied from old to contemporary style. The standard kitchen island has closed cabinets and drawers. You also see hanger in one or both sides attached directly. Inside cabinets, there are shelves to store utensils, even food ingredients. Other designs focus on what owner prefers. There are shelves with adjustable feature to put anything. Additional drawers give area to keep sensitive and dangerous tools from unwanted touch.

Functionality is the first reason to attach wheels on a kitchen island. After that, people started to modify its feature to fulfill what they want. Therefore, the kitchen island with hidden wheels is practically similar to the rest of non-wheel variant.

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