Perfect Drop Leaf Kitchen Island Plans for Small Size Kitchen

by October 2, 2018

You may want to look for some drop leaf kitchen island plans to apply in your kitchen. Drop leaf is a good trick to deal with limited space in your kitchen area. The extra space can be utilized for roomier food preparation process or dining. Since the leaf is connected to a hinge, when you are not using that space, just fold it back down. Let’s check various drop leaf designs that you can follow.

1. Country-style Drop Leaf Kitchen Island
The country-style kitchen island with drop leaf is usually made of strong hardwood and adorned with distressed rustic finish. It gives out timeless feeling. You can clearly see its contours. If you want to design eclectic but homey area, this is a perfect piece for your kitchen.

2. Transitional Drop Leaf Kitchen Island
It is one of drop leaf kitchen island plans that mix the traditional style kitchen island with the modernized one. You can see the definite contours of this furniture but its wooden material gives it nostalgic vibe. Some of the kitchen islands in this style have two hinges to give you plenty of space when unfolded.

3. Neoclassical Drop Leaf Kitchen Island
This style combines classic American style with Victorian style. It is shown in the rectangular-shaped drop leaf with curved and smooth edges. However, the most notorious characteristic is perhaps its fly legs. It might be better style for dining table than a kitchen island since the structure may not be able to handle storing lots of things at once.

4. Elizabethan-style Drop Leaf Kitchen Island
This is the most classic drop leaf kitchen island plans. The furniture is usually made of hardwood like oak and walnut wood. It will be a good furniture to choose when you plan on developing an antique-style kitchen. It is perfect for small kitchen because when the drop leaf is unfolded, it will give you space almost double of the original form.

5. Modern Drop Leaf Kitchen Island with Storage
The modern drop leaf kitchen island usually has rectangular shaped and pronounced edges. They are designed more to be functional instead of stylish, although with great choice of color and embellishment that purpose can be achieved.

You do not have to worry about fitting in a kitchen island in your kitchen. Even if you choose the small one, by adding drop leaf, plenty of space can be created. Take note of some of these drop leaf kitchen island plans for ideas.

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