The Real Simple Rolling Kitchen Island in white 36.5 for Your Limited Space

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the-real-simple-rolling-kitchen-island-in-white-36-5-for-your-limited-space 1

The Real Simple Rolling Kitchen Island in White 36.5 is perfect for those who have a small kitchen and limited time to cook. The kitchen island is not too simple, yet it is not too extravagant either for you who rarely cook between your busy days. Overall, you can say this kitchen island is efficient. It is packed with features which can keep your cooking activities convenient and easy. With neutral style, this island will easily fit in any kitchen theme.

Move to its appearance, this kitchen island is 36.5 inch in size. Moreover, it comes only with that size. With the average size, Real Simple Rolling Kitchen Island in White 36.5 provides enough workspace for your cooking preparation and organization. Various cooking activities can be done on top of it. Either you want to mix; slice, roll, or dice, there is a relatively spacious rubberwood block to utilize. In addition, the wheels make it very easy to move them wherever you like. As long as it’s not outdoor since the set is not really waterproof.

With two storages and drawers, this kitchen island makes it easier to store your kitchen utensils, seasonings, and many others. The left towel rack also efficiently provides a place to place a towel hand. It saves you a lot of trouble from accidentally dropping your towel near the food in the middle of preparation. The additional hardware is also included in the set. You can either use them in assemble or not. It is all up to you. If you consider that the hardware is not really needed, you can opt to not assemble it together with the main piece.


As for assembling, do not worry because this set of Real Simple Rolling Kitchen Island in White 36.5 is reviewed to be easily assembled. It doesn’t like the one you got from the neighborhoods. It is so much easier to assemble than the ones from them. But still, if you are not a handyman, it is recommended to call a professional. It will save you from trouble even if it cost you a couple of bucks for the process to be done.

If you are interested in buying them, you can directly order it from store instead of via online. it is because this product of Real Simple Rolling Kitchen Island in White 36.5 is no longer available to be booked through the stores’ online platform.

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