Some Recommendations of Commercial Kitchens for Rent on Long Island

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Many people are looking for commercial kitchens for rent on Long Island. These kitchens are licensed and regularly inspected by Long Island’s health department. Professional kitchen equipment is used to support various functions in the kitchen. The commercial kitchens are designed to ensure that production of food can be done with minimum risk and the food resulted from that process is safe to consume. Not every kitchen in the area will be considered a commercial kitchen.

If you are in need of one, here are some commercial kitchens for rent on Long Island that you should definitely check out.

1. Not-for-profit Kitchen Rental
You can rent a commercial kitchen which is operated by not-for-profit organization in Long Island City. This kitchen is built to assist local aspiring food entrepreneurs in developing their business ideas which in the future will help the region’s economic development. The kitchen is separated into four sections that can be used for 24/7 by shifts. In the kitchen, you will be able to find professional tools like immersion blender and industrial mixer. There is a kitchen assistant that will aid your process.

2. Family Owned Kitchen Rental
There are not many commercial kitchens for rent on Long Islands that are owned by single family. However, if you manage to find one, it usually has an added value you will not find in another place. As an example, there is a family owned kitchen which can be rented by Long Island locals. This kitchen is adjacent to the family’s market. That market sells homemade specialty food that you cannot find in other places. The family welcomes aspiring food entrepreneurs to develop their craft and does not shy about giving the tips.

3. Industrial Kitchen Rental
Some food companies may rent their unused kitchens for people who need them. Since these kitchens are used professionally, they usually have elaborate and diverse equipment. The kitchen size is usually very large. Some companies may divide the kitchen into sections so you probably have to share the space with other people. Most of these kitchens can be rented seven days a week.

If you need a well-equipped kitchen where you can test recipe for your new business or host a cooking class, you can find many options in Long Island. Choose one that will suit your purpose the best. You can look for some other recommendations of commercial kitchens for rent on Long Island.

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