Kitchen Island Worktop Overhang Design that Will Not Disturb Kitchen Workflow

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One of the newest styles that people adapt for their kitchens is kitchen island worktop overhang. An overhang will increase the use of your kitchen island. It definitely increase the space for you to work with Adding an overhang to your kitchen island structure will make your kitchen looking more wholesome. Nonetheless, when designing overhang for a kitchen island, people still make mistakes that will actually disturb the whole kitchen structure and usability. Here are some tips if you want to add an overhang to a kitchen island.

1. Knowing the Standard Size
There is always a standard size for any furniture design. For a kitchen island worktop overhang, the standard size would be 12 inches. The extra space can be utilized as sitting space where you can place stools underneath when you are not using them. Is it possible to expand this standard overhang? Well, you can do it. However, you need to consider your overall island structure.

2. Considering the Purpose of Kitchen Island
The purpose of your kitchen island should be considered when you are designing an overhang for the furniture. Do you use it as food prepping station and storing kitchen necessities? Do you use it for washing up the dishes? Or do you use it for dining and drinking bar as well? Once you have decided on the island purpose, design the location and size of overhang.

3. Choosing the Right Material
When designing kitchen island worktop overhang, you should choose the material. This part depends on your needs, preference, and budget. If you need cheap countertop that’s easy to be cleaned, and looking pristine, consider stainless steel countertop. However, if you want luxurious countertop overhang, marbles and granites may suit you more.

4. Calculating the Size of Overall Structure
As stated previously, when you decide on overhang, you must calculate the size of your overall kitchen island structure. At times, you will need larger overhang because you have leftover space in your kitchen and more workspace. In this case, you must add additional support. You can add extra legs, L-brackets from metal or wood corbels to support the overhang.

Hopefully you can apply these tips when designing an overhang in your island. Since a kitchen island is usually the centerpiece of your kitchen, the design must be considered thoughtfully. You should find kitchen island worktop overhang design that will fit your taste, budget, and needs!

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