Simplify Your Life with Pre Assembled Portable Kitchen Islands

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If you find it difficult to install kitchen table that you want, then it is time to switch to the pre assembled portable kitchen islands. This feature that has been provided by various international furniture retailers feels very easy for customers who have difficulty installing furniture, especially if there is no expert assistance around it. Portable kitchen islands usually have a variety of features that make it easy to move everywhere to provide comfort and flexibility in decorating your kitchen space.

As previously noted, the pre assembled portable kitchen islands are a kitchen table with a simple design as well as maximum mobilization capabilities. This product usually comes in finished state, so customers just put it in the desired place. It’s very rarely pre-assembled products have large size dimensions since the transport process will also be difficult. Therefore, kitchen table that comes pre-assembled almost comes in a mini size. Even so, some portable islands are still able to accommodate a variety of small to medium sized items, so the mini size will not be an obstacle in its functionality.

Regarding this pre-assembled feature, retailers will provide additional costs to cover the installation and delivery process to customer’s home. In addition, pre-assembled products often have extraordinary physical resistance because they are paired by professionals. Some furniture retailers are even known to provide additional adhesive or conjunction other than those in the furniture, to strengthen the structure of product to be shipped.


To support portable features, pre assembled portable kitchen islands come with several types of footings, such as mini wheels and rubber pads. Therefore, when you move these portable kitchen islands, you do not damage your floor. In addition, with mini wheel, the activities of moving and decorating are much easier and more enjoyable, so you can decorate kitchen whenever you want. However, you also have to pay attention to how the wheels go. Make sure they also have brakes or stopper, so when you put it where you want, the kitchen table won’t slide anywhere.

There are also some portable kitchen islands that apply the hotel snack desk model, which has a packed compartment for snack or food and beverage places. Its small size makes it not necessary to stay in the kitchen, but it can also be moved to the family room or even used for a banquet when guests arrive. Either way, this pre assembled portable kitchen islands will only provide the best for you.

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