The Best Designs of Cooking Islands for Kitchens

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Cooking islands for kitchens are almost similar to bathtubs for bathrooms. They are essential furniture to be placed in your kitchen, from functional and aesthetical perspectives. The island is used for food prepping and cooking as well as storing some kitchen objects. It also becomes a center piece of your kitchen.

There are many designs of cooking islands for kitchens out there which you can derive inspiration from. Here are some of the most fashionable designs you can replicate in your home.

1. French Country Style Cooking Island
The French country style island will be a nice addition to your kitchen. It gives out rustic yet elegant vibe to the room. Usually the cooking island will come in traditional rectangular form. The edges will be very pronounced. Solid wood is normally chosen as the material of such kitchen island design. You will often find the furniture having distressed finish to further emphasize its rustic look. The design of drawers and shelves are straightforward and traditional.

2. Modern Grey and White Cooking Island
Grey and white is a nice combination for those who prefer pristine looking kitchen. To improve functionality, you can actually attach a full-size sink. The grey color can be applied to work surface by using granite. Meanwhile, white can be applied onto its drawers and closed cupboards. You can actually pair the cooking island with stone pattern wall to match. It is one of cooking islands for kitchens that will modernize your cooking space.

3. L-Shape Cooking Island with Breakfast Bar
Is there a better way to improve the usage of your cooking island? Adding breakfast bar is a sure way to do that. If you do not want to disturb each of these functions, you can choose L-shape island. You can use one side for food prepping, cooking and even washing dishes. On another side, add some bar stools and utilize them as social and eating space.

4. Luxurious Cooking Island with Built-in Appliances
Besides choosing the best materials like hardwood and marbles, you can actually place some kitchen appliances within the structure of your kitchen island. Put a microwave inside an overhanging cabinet. It will not take too much of your work space. You can also place a dishwasher inside cupboard of your cooking island.

Whether you are living in a small or big space, a kitchen island is still essential furniture. Take inspiration from some designs of cooking islands for kitchens above.

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