Broyhill Kitchen Island Costco, a Perfect Match for a Timeless Kitchen

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As a provider of the best furniture, Broyhill kitchen island Costco is always trying to provide goods with excellent quality. The choices of design and type of table also vary, so they can be adjusted to the shape and type of your kitchen room. Broyhill applies modern and vintage themes to the kitchen tables. Therefore, the furniture can still look classy but still have the same functionality as any kitchen island in general.

It has become a trademark of Broyhill when it makes furniture more functional than just an aesthetic function. This is also proven in Broyhill kitchen island Costco where many of them are able to accommodate a large number of cooking goods and equipment. Equipped with several shelves and space area, it makes the kitchen island from Broyhill looks simple yet able to get stocked. Most of their tables also use open-door instead of sliding or rack, so you can get a vintage look.

For the material itself, the kitchen island from Broyhill is made of quality hardwood material, which is coated with varnish several times to ensure durability and accentuate the wooden parts of materials. Broyhill is a fan of dark and white, so it’s only natural that the color of the furniture is only about dark wood and minimalistic white. However, these two colors are still able to decorate your kitchen according to the theme applied.

To the design, Broyhill Kitchen Island Costco has a slightly bulky and dense form than many kitchen islands, so you have to think of a room that matches the dimensions provided by this tabletop. Because of its bulky shape and medium height, you can’t add a chair or bar stool on the sides of this table. However, you can still make this table as a place to put food or entertain guests while in the kitchen.

Talking about design and color, this kitchen island also does not require excessive maintenance. You just have to make sure the surface stays clean, and there are no defective parts. As you know, hardwood is very difficult to be damaged, but the possibility of being dented or bent is still there. Therefore, you must be careful when placing heavy items on this island because it will reduce the age of table. If necessary, just add a layer of damper at the top of this Broyhill kitchen island Costco, so whatever you put on it will not damage the surface below it.

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