The High-Rated Marsilona Kitchen Island to Ease Your Way in Cooking

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the-high-rated-marsilona-kitchen-island-to-ease-your-way-in-cooking 1

Marsilona Kitchen Island is somewhat famous as people’s choice when it came to a kitchen island. Even though you can’t say it out loud that it is the best, the overall rating from reviewers scream that this kitchen island is definitely one of the best. It reaches 4.8 out of 5.0 rating. While you argue that it is not a perfect score, 4.8 is not a bad number though. As written in its official page on the Ashley’s HomeStore, this kitchen island offers the various functions.

Or, as they put it, it has a double duty practicality. With a solid wood as its top, aesthetic details lining its top and russet finish becomes Marsilona Kitchen Island charm point. Even with just a glance, you’d be picturing the perfect kitchen table when it’s paired together with the set of stools. One thing for sure, since its overall build looks so bulky, it might be the best if you don’t purchase the kitchen island for small and limited kitchen. It is because the island will surely make your kitchen looks stuffed. However, if you have a relatively spacious kitchen, then this might cover how spacious your space is.

the-high-rated-marsilona-kitchen-island-to-ease-your-way-in-cooking 2

For your information, a cabinet on its bottom and a wide drawer on the top point out Marsilona Kitchen Island give double function aside from being a table. Additional baskets are also included in the set, in case you want to use it as an extra space for storage. If you think that the basket is not necessary, then it is also okay to exclude it from the assembly. The piece is decorated with two display shelves as well, in which you can put a jar or such just for display.

The overall build of the set is strong and sturdy. Considering that the weight is rather heavy and at the same time, well-made. The color of the set looks very well painted. One reviewer stressed that the paint doesn’t seem like it will scratch off for a long time; and so does the set because how well-built they are. Better yet, the assembly wouldn’t be that difficult to do since they also provide you with an instruction for it. It may take time, but if you follow the instruction faithfully, the assembly wouldn’t be a problem. You can check out the other review on Ashley’s HomeStore for further references of Marsilona Kitchen Island.

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