Kitchen Islands at Big Lots, the Affordable and Functional Furniture

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Kitchen Islands at Big Lots, the Affordable and Functional Furniture

If you look for new item for kitchen, you should look at the list of kitchen islands at Big Lots. There are many offers for great furniture that will improve the kitchen in terms of functionality and aesthetical value. They also come in highly affordable price. A kitchen island is a splendid choice for that. In addition to being pretty, it also serves various purposes.

The countertop of a kitchen island is not only providing space for placing your kitchenette. You can actually prepare food on it. Some of the island designs even allow you to place power chord on it. You can use electronic kitchen devices like electric blender too. The countertop can also be utilized as eating table. If you do not have your own dining room because limited space, it can serve as a dining table.

There are many options of kitchen islands at Big Lots. You can get a portable kitchen island made of natural bamboo. The countertop is made from granite material. While it is heavy, it also maintains the hygiene of your work station since granite can be cleaned easily and pristine looking. It is equipped with a large main storage and three drawers. You can keep your heavy kitchen equipments and cutleries inside. Since the storage is closed, it is safer to keep things that can break easily there. When you are buying the piece, it comes as parts that you need to assembly. But fear not, since the website offers clear instructions to assembly it.

You can also choose another design made of light wood. It comes in two colors, black and white. Below the granite counter top, you will find two drawers side by side. They can give you storage space necessary for eating utensils like forks and spoons. Under the drawers, there is a deep cabinet where you can keep cooking utensils like pans and some electronic devices. Two stylish sliding doors are blocking the cabinet from the eye. You can easily roll the kitchen island to wherever you need it. On its sides, you will find two racks where you will be able to hang dish towels and spice bottles.

A kitchen island can be expensive if you are not looking at the right place. It may not seem like an important piece of furniture, but the functions are very varied. Try to looking for kitchen islands at Big Lots to get the best deals.

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