John Boos Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar, the Multifunctional Furniture Piece You Need

by August 30, 2018

John Boos kitchen island breakfast bar will be a great addition to your kitchen, whether it is a large or narrow kitchen. It may not seem like essential furniture to be placed in your kitchen. However, you will be getting more than what you have paid when making it an addition to your cooking and eating space.

There are several reasons why you should get a John Boos kitchen island breakfast bar. It provides an extra space for food preparation. You can easily utilize cutting board, food processor, and your large mixing bowl on top of it. You do not have to worry if there is a spillage. The material that made this kitchen island slash breakfast bar makes it super easy to be cleaned.

This furniture is also equipped with additional shelving units. The shelves are sturdy enough because they are made of thick block of real wood. If you need an extra storage for your cutleries or even various spices, this will be the perfect place to keep it. The open design allows you to actually show off some of your nicest plates and glasses. Just make sure that you do not have overexcited children or pets around.

John Boos kitchen island breakfast bar is a comfortable spot if you want to enjoy quiet breakfast without having to move far from the cooking place. The contour is bold and it is made of sturdy material. You can easily place your plates and glasses on top without worrying about scorching the table. You can even add a drop leaf so there will be more room. This furniture is a great spot as placing dishes for dining party.

Depending on kitchen size and your preference, there are four size options. If you have large kitchen, perhaps 60 x 48 inch kitchen island bar will suit it. However, for small kitchen, 48 x 32 inch size is the more reasonable choice. For you who prefer earthy colors, the manufacturer offers table in maple color and cherry stain. Bold and modern colors like Caribbean blue and orange spicy latte are offered as well.

While ordering for this island and bar combo, you can customize the size, color, and even making additional purchase of its maintenance product. The furniture-maker offers special oil and cream to maintain the island’s polish look. If you are looking to elevate your kitchen’s look, John Boos kitchen island breakfast bar is the answer.

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