Guss Kitchen Island Cart with Natural Butcher Block Bamboo Top Review

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Guss kitchen island cart with natural butcher block bamboo top is an ultimate choice to live up your kitchen with natural atmosphere. At glance, this kitchen island looks sleek with natural block top combined with white base. The moderate size allows the island to be accessed even in your small kitchen space. What makes this furniture worth your money? There are some reasons why Guss Kitchen Island is the best choice for your cooking space.

First is about sleek appearance. The Guss kitchen island with natural butcher block bamboo top looks clean and neat. Combining bamboo top with white finish, this kitchen island is all you need to enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Whether you have traditional or contemporary kitchen concept, this kitchen island will fit the space best. Second is functionality. Apart from its fabulous appearance, the Guss kitchen island is chosen because of its functionality. Not only allowing you to prepare food, this furniture is also a solution to a neat cooking space. Guss kitchen island cart with natural butcher block bamboo top comes with drawers and cabinet. This furniture offers efficient storage, allowing your kitchen to look clean and organized. The ample cabinet space helps you hide any kitchen equipment inside the kitchen island.

Next, designed with moderate size, the Guss kitchen island with bamboo top improves your experience when working in the kitchen. It does not obstruct your movement, at the same time giving you easy access to the counter space. The handle in one side can accommodate kitchen cloth, letting you keep your hands as well as kitchen area clean.

Moreover, this kitchen island uses sturdy material for its base, combined with natural bamboo at the top. The durability of bamboo is undoubted, not to mention the clear acrylic finish to enhance its strength. Overall, the Guss kitchen island will stay in your kitchen for many years. Furthermore, the furniture is also quite easy to clean. Simply wipe the surface with damp cloth and wipe dry to clean up.

In a nut shell, the kitchen island from Guss helps enhance your cooking experience in many ways. Not only serving convenience, this versatile furniture is also designed perfectly to be the center point of your cooking space. Whether you have small or large kitchen, this island is worth to opt for. Guss kitchen island cart with natural butcher block bamboo top is all you need to level up the kitchen without too much effort.

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