Kloter Farms Kitchen Islands Choices for Any Concept

by August 26, 2018

Kloter Farms kitchen islands make your cooking time more fun and entertaining. Providing efficient storage in the kitchen, Kloter Farms presents convenience and beauty at the same time. When it comes to kitchen island choices, there are plenty options to call out. Kloter Farms works professionally to provide high quality kitchen furniture, not to mention define your kitchen style. Whether you need custom islands with traditional or modern concept, mention it and Kloter Farms will provide its best products for you. Here are some choices to go.

1. IS71 Base with Butcher Traditional Raised Panel
Do you have a space issue in the kitchen? This kitchen island choice is all you need to deal with. The furniture comes with white finish that matches both traditional and modern kitchen concept. It features drop leaf top, allowing you to extend the leaf when needed. Or else, you can simply drop the leaf to save more space. Combined with white-finished stool, the furniture completes your kitchen.

IS71 Base with Butcher Traditional Raised Panel

2. IS96 Flat Panel with Granite Top
In case you wish for more traditional kitchen island, this choice might suit you best. The Kloter Farms kitchen islands combine wood base and granite top, serving traditional yet luxurious touch to your kitchen. This furniture fits your kitchen with ample space. Coming with drawers and cabinet, this kitchen island allows you to store and hide any kitchen equipment, avoiding your cooking space from clutter. The counter space is also accessible to prepare food.

IS96 Flat Panel with Granite Top

3. Brookline IS801 with Butcher Block
Another choice for small kitchen is Brookline with butcher top. This kitchen island comes with greyish brown finish which levels up your traditional or shabby kitchen concept. Designed with drawers and cabinet, this kitchen island offers efficient storage. The durable butcher block top allows you to have easy access to the counter space.

Brookline IS801 with Butcher Block

4. Jefferson City Panel with Thick Top

This kitchen island choice from Kloter Farms serves high function to your kitchen. The traditional design combined with white finish make Jefferson City Panel your favorite focal point in the kitchen. Designed with many drawers and cabinets, this kitchen island is efficient furniture for neat cooking space. The 2 inch appearance top offers durability. There is nothing to worry about when using the countertops to prepare foods or even cutting veggies.

Jefferson City Panel with Thick Top

Which kitchen island you love the most? Kloter Farms has a commitment to serve the best for your ultimate convenient while working in the kitchen. It is proven by high quality Kloter Farms kitchen islands that offer you high functionality.

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