IKEA Forhoja 3 Drawer Kitchen Island as Ultimate Choice for the Best Kitchen

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If you are about to purchase new kitchen island, IKEA Forhoja 3 drawer kitchen island should be on your list. This kitchen island provides ample storage, allowing you to have extra compartment to place any kitchen tools or else. Besides, IKEA Forhoja also serves as great counter space to prepare meal. Your cooking time is never this convenient before. The kitchen island is specially designed for small kitchen. Without eating too much space on the floor, it gives you easier access and movement in your cooking nook. What makes this IKEA kitchen island so special? There are some aspects that make this furnishing is worth your money.

1. Practicality
This product, unlike the other kitchen island with bulky design, comes in slim design which allows you to save space in the kitchen. It is only 16 inches wide, 74 inches long and 36 inches tall. Surely this a good option to add furnishing without sacrificing your moving space in the kitchen. In other words, IKEA Forhoja 3 drawer kitchen island is all you need for practical yet functional kitchen furniture.

2. Sturdy material
The product is made from solid bird which serves as sturdy material. There is nothing to worry about its durability because IKEA considers it well. The drawer is also made from solid birch with acrylic lacquer. Meanwhile, the drawer bottom comes from birch plywood with acrylic lacquer. According to these material choices, this furniture will last for years in your kitchen.

3. Key features
The 3 drawers are all you need to store any small kitchen equipment. No more cluttered cooking space because IKEA Forhoja already accommodates your tools. Not to mention 2-level open storage under the drawer that can accommodate glasses, plates, and even cooking ingredients.

4. Easy to assemble
This product will be shipped in flat pack, allowing you to assemble on your own. Besides, it also reduces the shipping fee. The clear instruction enclosed to the shipment helps you assemble the product with ease.

5. Easy to clean
This product does not require intense maintenance. Simply wipe clean the surface with mild cleaner using damp cloth and wipe dry with clean cloth. This minimum maintenance allows you to use the kitchen island for years.

In conclusion, IKEA Forhoja is versatile furnishing that provides convenience to your kitchen. Coming with slim design, IKEA Forhoja 3 drawer kitchen island is friendly to your small kitchen space.

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