Crate and Barrel Belmont Kitchen Island Assembly, Easy Ways to Level up Your Kitchen

by August 22, 2018

Crate and Barrel Belmont kitchen island assembly with simple instructions allow you to furnish kitchen without too much effort. Crate and Barrel itself has been long known for its leading kitchen furnishing. Belmont is one of Crate and Barrel’s exclusive products with plenty of choices to opt for. Belmont enhances your work surface for it is precisely designed to meet your need of convenience kitchen. Coming with fabulous design, Crate and Barrel Belmont is a way to level up the kitchen.

When it comes to assembly, Crate and Barrel has provided assembly instructions that are understandable and easy to follow. Before going directly to the assembly process, you better know the advantages of shipping Belmont as ready-to-assemble furniture instead of furniture in a whole. Generally, the furniture is prone to damage especially when it has to be shipped throughout the world. Letting the customers to assemble by themselves means Crate and Barrel ensures the furniture comes in its best condition to the customers.

The packaging is easy to ship, not to mention the flat pack makes it economical. In other words, the packaging allows you to pay affordable delivery fee compared to shipping furniture in a whole. In addition, Crate and Barrel attach the assembly instructions along with the product. It helps you build the furniture without any problem.

Now you can start Crate and Barrel Belmont kitchen island assembly. Follow the instructions enclosed and try to understand what you have to do before doing the assembly. Do not start before understanding each instruction. First, identify the package. Along with the package, you will find product lists which contain any kind of parts you will need to build the kitchen island. Take your time to identify each part including hardware and individual parts. Be careful when handling the products.

Second is assembly process. This process needs you to work carefully and precisely. Since you have many screws to secure, place the screws in a box that you will not lose any of it. It is necessary to follow step by step instructions so that you will not miss any part to assemble. And the last is finishing. After getting all parts assembled, you can check out whether each parts work well or not. Pull the drawers in and out and make sure it has smooth movement. In addition to checking, make sure each screw is secured perfectly. This Crate and Barrel Belmont kitchen island assembly is so easy that you can finish it within hours.

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