Yard Goat Truck

What is a Yard Goat Truck?

by March 5, 2018

Are you familiar with the term of yard goat truck? Most people don’t understand the term because it is used by those who work in the industries where the vehicle will likely be found. It is a slang for terminal tractor. People refer to terminal tractor with lots of names like yard spotter, yard goat, yard dog, yard mule, etc. Some people will also simply call it by naming the most common brand of terminal tractors. Most of them would likely be surprised knowing that they have seen this vehicle and the fact that it is commonly used in wide range of industries.

These trucks are used everywhere despite it is called with many names.  As the name suggests, these vehicles are mainly used in a “yard” to move trailers around. Port, rail yard, and distribution center are common places where yard goat truck is used. Looking at the size of those facilities, they might have hundreds of this vehicles moving around at the same time.

The truck could be easily distinguished with a road truck. Unlike road truck that has extended cab, yard spotter only have a single person seat beside the engine. It also has typical short wheelbase compared to the wheelbase of a road truck. In addition, the body of a yard goat truck is smaller than a common road truck.

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