Frisbee Yard Games

Interesting Outdoor Frisbee Yard Games

by December 18, 2017

Playing Frisbee yard games is an interesting way to improve physical movement and agility. Frisbee itself is a thin round stuff like a disc that is thrown and caught. This is popular and fun game to play in spare time while enjoying outdoor atmosphere and breeze. What a recommended game for those (especially children and teenagers) who are addicted of gadget and online games.

Frisbee yard games are started by throwing the Frisbee. Once it results point, both of teams line up in front of end zone line and the team that resulted point before make the next throw against the opposing team. Frisbee can be thrown to all ways in game area. Player who is bringing Frisbee is not allowed to step and has only 10 seconds to bring it.  The control of Frisbee will be changed if failed shift happened for example Frisbee is carried more than 10 seconds, player falls down, or blocked by opponent.

This game upholds fair play and cooperation. Of course, to win the game each player should be agile and can share opportunity to carry Frisbee to other players in team. Frisbee yard games are suitable for children, teenagers, and even adult and useful to build solidarity.

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