How to Whitewash Brick Veneer

by December 11, 2017
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If you like high quality brick texture for a room but the color is not eye catching enough, try to whitewash it. Whitewash brick veneer is the best way to give perfect touch to thee brick wall, fireplace, etc. Starting with clean base is important. Therefore, it would be better if you clean the brick surface using sponge or brush to get rid of dust and debris. Wipe using wet cloth and soap and let it dry.

If you find any crack, use basic veneer to whitewash the brick and follow the drying instruction on the package. The next step is to whitewash brick veneer using brush or roller. Actually, you only need the same way like you paint your wall using traditional paint. But brick veneer needs more details and steps before it is widely whitewashed in order to make the surface totally clean.

This brick veneer makes your fireplace or wall more natural and artistic. With smooth surface, the original texture of brick will be seen more clearly and looking more brightly. This way can be done whenever the brick looks dull. Your brick interior will be more coated with these steps. Whitewash brick veneer is also important to avoid bricks from weathering and humidity.

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