Efficient Ways in Getting Rid of Chipmunks in Yard

by December 1, 2017
getting rid of chipmunks in yard

Are you having some troubles in getting rid of chipmunks in yard? Removing these rodents could be a long and exhausting process. Here are some helpful ways for you to protect your grass from the colony of chipmunks.

First, you have to make sure to clean your house from bushes and shrubs since they provide chipmunks with covers and shades. Chipmunks love shadow covered places. So, if your yard is full of bushes, then you have made your property to be the comfortable place for them. In addition, chipmunks are also afraid of cats. You can buy a cat and let it roam around your house to frighten these little rodent friends to move. Yes, by this way, you will have a safer neighborhood. In addition for getting rid of chipmunks in yard, you can try to use the scent that they don’t like. Using fox-smelled repellent will help to drive chipmunks away from your lawn.

Well, there is one more efficient way to prevent your yard from being destroyed by chipmunks. Put some traps to catch them. Buy one, two or more traps to catch these harassing rodents. Don’t forget to put some baits and put them in sheltered areas. Do the tips mentioned above and getting rid of chipmunks in yard is going to be easy.

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