PGT Sliding Glass Doors

Get to Know PGT Sliding Glass Doors

by October 27, 2017

Established in 2009, PGT sliding glass doors become the leading of sliding glass doors. In fact, PGT has become the best manufacturer of custom doors and windows. PGT itself is a custom manufacturer that can easily meet the customers’ need and preferences. The word “custom” then means the doors are able suit the conditions of your current door frame. It provides a customize finishes.

There are some frame options that can be chosen by customer. The most important feature that can be obtained by purchasing these PGT sliding glass doors that the sliding doors can be switched from a standard to customize doors by having several considerations. You can choose from one to eight slides, or choosing the size from 6’8” until 10’ tall. There are also some glass choices, from monolithic glass to a combination of laminated insulating glass. You can choose laminated glass only or insulating glass. The handles are subject to choices. You can pick different materials or finish touches as well. Choose your sliding doors based on your needs.

PGT doors are unlike other sliding doors. PGT sliding glass doors come in 670 and 770 series that can suit your needs to maximize your home décor looks.

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