Sliding Glass Door Draft Stopper

Block Cold Outdoor Air with Sliding Glass Door Draft Stopper

by October 26, 2017

Using Sliding Glass Door Draft Stopper is a good way to tightly seal if your windows and doors are leaky. If cold winds are blowing and your sliding glass door is drafty, you must do something to fix it. Begin with discovering where the draft comes in exactly. You’ll need to deal with different areas in different methods.

If you find that the draft is on the floor, a draft stopper is what you need. You can make it by yourself if you’re good with sewing, or you can simply use a rolled up towels or mat to fit tightly against the bottom of the glass door. If the draft comes from the side that doesn’t slide, use caulk or sealant. Other than Sliding Glass Door Draft Stopper, use weather stripping. It is used if the draft comes from the side where the glass door slides into the divider.

Blocking the wind from blowing in from the sliding glass door significantly helps to adjust your room’s temperature. The quantity of cold outdoor air that leaks in through an unsealed area can be increased numerous times by the wind blowing constantly against the glass door. That is why Sliding Glass Door Draft Stopper is important to adjust the air flow in your house.

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