underlayment for hardwood floors

Underlayment for Hardwood Floors Functions

by October 25, 2017

The subfloor in your home is the foundation of your property that needs underlayment for hardwood floors. Since hardwood flooring without underlayment can make the floor could be ruined quickly, that is why the underlayment is important for your floor. Due to functional and structural support, the underlayment should be chosen correctly. The decision you make will be significant to your residence.

Before picking any kind of underlayment, you need to seek for manufacturers as well as building approval. It will help you finding the right one by seeing which underlayment type is required to be installed in your residence. Researching some different manufacturers is good idea to determine the underlayment for hardwood floors that fits your needs. Flooring underlayment that is commonly used is the standard foam. It uses synthetic product placed on subfloor top and also underneath hardwood flooring. The thickness is usually around 1/8 inch. Even though it provides protection for the floor, but it cannot become moisture barrier effectively.

Referring to this disadvantage, some manufacturers even produce underlayment type that features and combines standard foam with film layer. The purpose is for making up the lack of moisture barrier as film layer will be protecting it from any dampness. There is also upgraded or modified type of underlayment for hardwood floors with more resilient and thicker characteristic.

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