Engineered hardwood floors pros and cons

Engineered Hardwood Floors Pros and Cons You Should Notice

by October 25, 2017

Engineered hardwood floors pros and cons will mention about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of hardwood floor. One of the characteristics considered as advantage is that it can be maintained easily. This kind of flooring is quite durable while offering the character over time. You can keep clean hardwood floors with no trouble just by sweeping or vacuuming regularly.

Having hardwood flooring is able to make your home more valuable. It can be a good investment that would be easier for you to get buyers someday when you plan to sell it. Besides, this flooring has a lot of different styles which make it versatile. Any types of décor from traditional to modern can suit this hardwood floor. In these engineered hardwood floors pros and cons, the main cons or disadvantages of this flooring are that it is pricey. Adding hardwood floor into your home will cost a lot of money.

In terms of installation, it is difficult for installing this flooring and thus, you need the help from the expert. The installation itself will add more price tag to the cost. If you install hardwood floor in the area with high mobility, you might need to refinish it occasionally. Hardwood is also not resistant to scratches, especially if you own pets. It is not simple matter to cover up or remove the scratches then. For some people, hardwood can be quite noisy that makes the homeowner needs to install carpets or rugs. That is all engineered hardwood floors pros and cons explained for you.

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