the Important Features and Specs of Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

by October 23, 2017

It doesn’t have to be super difficult to find the right vacuums for hardwood floors. As long as you understand what features to seek and all the greatness you expect from a hardwood vacuum, your search can run easily and smoothly.

Finding the right features for the hardwood vacuums can be tricky because you want to improve cleanliness without compromising the finish of the floor. But in general, you want to find to find soft but effective brush to clean the floor. Forget any beater brush because it will only scratch and damage the floor. What other features to look from the vacuums for hardwood floors? Felt stripe or rubber pads that will provide good cushion to the floor. It will also prevent scratching on your precious floor. You should also consider a device that is pretty compact and lightweight and yet has quite powerful suction ability.

Aside from the features, there are also different styles for the vacuums. Do you want the upright or the handheld style? Do you want the regular vacuum or the ones for pets? Do you want the light stick or the canister type? Do you prefer the ones with disposable bag or the bagless type? All of these things should be considered prior your purchase. Be extra careful so you can get the right vacuums for hardwood floors meeting your requirements.

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