Estimated Cost of Installing Hardwood Floors per Square Foot

by October 16, 2017

Estimated cost of installing hardwood floors varies for different people. There are several articles to define the cost of installing hardwood floors. The first one is hardwood flooring type, the second one is engineered wood type, and the third is cost to install the floor per square foot. Make sure to always do a research before deciding to install this type of floor. The reason being is to adjust your budget and your need of new hardwood flooring.

With traditional wood, estimated cost of installing hardwood floors varies from 3$ to 14$ per square foot, depending on the quality of flooring. If you’re using engineered wood, the estimated cost would vary from 3$ to 13$ per square floor, depending on the thickness of the wood. You should also consider installation cost because the more expensive the hardwood, the more time consuming the installation would be.

You can use maple hardwood for a more resistant flooring, though it can be expensive since the price range from 3.50$ to 6$ per square foot. Pine hardwood can be much cheaper since it only costs 1, 50$ to 4$ per square foot, however it is more vulnerable to gouge and scratches. Those are several options to get an estimated cost of installing hardwood floors.

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