Dog Pee on Hardwood Floors

The Solution for Dog Pee on Hardwood Floors

by October 15, 2017

Dog pee on hardwood floors are probably among the peskiest and most annoying problem you would face if you have dog as pets. It usually occurs when you just adopt a dog or it has not been fully trained. In that case, you should really prepare yourself with the best solution on that pesky problem. As we know, dog pee smells very rancid that it can cloud your room with obnoxious odor.

In the case of this, you can use the mixture of white vinegar and hot water. In making this solution on dog pee on hardwood floors, mix the distilled vinegar with a cup of hot water until they are dissolved. Apply the mixture on the stained spot thoroughly and leave it for several minutes.

For the best result on removing dog pee on the floor, you need to wait until half an hour or so. Do not worry that you will not be able to scrub it off the floor surface. It will not get absorbed after all, so scrubbing it will be easier. After you have cleaned the spot, you will see that it will no longer have rancid smell and get stained from dog pee on hardwood floors.

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