Cleaning Dog Urine on Hardwood Floors

Cleaning Dog Urine on Hardwood Floors Properly

by October 9, 2017
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Dog urine on hardwood floors will make your floor looks messy, dirty, and having unpleasant smell. Regardless of how well your dog has been trained, this accident can happen. It can even happen frequently especially when you are training new pet or dealing with old dog that has bladder issues. When this accident happens on the hardwood floor, you should clean it as soon as possible before the smell spreads everywhere.

The smell of urine from your dog is quite difficult to remove after it permeated into hardwood flooring in the room. Dog even has more sensitive nose, so you need to move on and do clean. In order to deal with dog urine on hardwood floors, firstly, you need to remove all the liquid stained on the floor. Make sure to clean it sooner once you find it.

To remove the odors from urine, you can use some commercial cleaners which can be found in the market. Another option is removing the smell with homemade solution. You can use water and white vinegar as natural cleanser for household. Dilute some white vinegar into the water. Then use a mop or a sponge to clean the dog urine on hardwood floors thoroughly.

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