Sophie Mirrored Dining Table for the Minimalistic Elegance 1

Sophie Mirrored Dining Table for the Minimalistic Elegance

by October 5, 2017

What’s so special about Sophie mirrored dining table? If you think that all dining tables are the same, you should reconsider it because this piece of a dining table can really improve the look of the room without too much fuss or drama.

If you take a look at the overall design of this dining table, it may look simple at first. But as you see the details, you will see why this table creates a fuss. There is a combination of timeless elegance with a touch of glam and luxury. And the name Sophie mirrored dining table is just right, referring to the reflective surface of the table. You only need to place the table in your dining room and it will immediately transform the atmosphere and the environment.

The table is quite big and wide, enough to accommodate six people, at least, and eight people max. The details on the side aprons are minimal and yet super elegant, affecting the overall design and flair of the table. The table is made from hardwood but it comes with silvery metallic finish to create somewhat a more sophisticated effect. If you are looking for a contemporary and sophisticated dining piece, this Sophie mirrored dining table can be a great option.

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