Modloft Astor Dining Table

Modloft Astor Dining Table as the Unique Elegant Piece

by October 5, 2017

Modloft Astor dining table is the perfect piece for your medium dining room or kitchen area. It has a unique extendable feature, allowing you the flexibility in entertaining guests and visitors. There is no such a thing as ‘not enough seat or room’ because this table can do marvelous things.

The overall design and style of this dining table is simple, basic, and classy with combination of several materials. The table itself is made from composite wood with polished steel and natural wood veneer. Is it elegant? Yes, it is. Is the construction sturdy and solid? It does look that way. After all, this Modloft Astor dining table has the extendable ability which means that the basic foundation should be firm. From a medium size table, you can expand it to a bigger size. The original table is 71 inch in length and able to accommodate 8 people. But when you extend it, it can reach 94 inch and it would be enough for 10 people. A pretty handy piece, don’t you think?

The thing to like about this German made piece is the smooth gliding ability. It results in the perfect alignment with good balance in the middle. With this classy but unique Modloft Astor dining table, you can create a different look for your dining area, and you won’t have to compromise the elegance.

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