How to stain cabinets darker

How To Stain Cabinets Darker With Some Easy Steps

by April 8, 2017

How to stain cabinets darker, this is one of the most frequently asked questions by the people who are having a dark coloured cabinets, or even a light coloured cabinets. Nowadays people are tend to choose something that looks simple and neat, and the dark coloured cabinets is most perfect cabinets that you could have it installed in your kitchen and also give your kitchen a simple and modern looks.

But the hardest thing about having a dark coloured cabinets is make the colour stay for a long time, because as the time going by the colour of the dark coloured cabinets is going to fade and making it looks not so dark anymore. And to prevent it from happening, there are some methods that you could try to make your dark cabinets stay dark or even looks darker. And here are the list about how to stain cabinets darker:

Tea, Vinegar And Coffee

How to stain cabinets darker

How to stain cabinets darker

This method could be the easiest one that you could try, all of the ingredients and materials that needed to make this solutions are available is your house. And the things that you need are, tea, vinegar, coffee, and paint brush. Simply mix all of the ingredients, then let it rest for 24 hours. And then you need to clean your cabinets, after that you could start painting your cabinets with the solutions.

Vinegar And Water

How to stain cabinets darker

How to stain cabinets darker

And if you want to keep your cabinets colour last for a long time, then you could apply this method to your cabinets. Mix the same amount of vinegar and water together, then just simply rub this solutions to your cabinets. To get the best result you need to do this method every single days. And this one could be the best answer for how to stain cabinets darker.

Re-Painted It

But if you want to have your cabinets look darker instantly. Then you could always have it repainted with a darker coloured paint. To make it happens you could simply ask an expert to do it for you, but if you want to save more money you could do it by yourself. And those are the best answer that you could get about how to stain cabinets darker.

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