Black White and Blue Kitchen Ideas to Implement At Home

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Black White and Blue Kitchen Ideas to Implement At Home 7

Black white and blue kitchen ideas will give something new in home decoration. Before knowing more about this matter, you may interest in tips to arrange the colors perfectly. Kitchen is not like bedroom where you cannot put anything without considering the other elements. In this room, flashy design is not likely favorable, unless your kitchen is for children. Color arrangement is one way to increase the room atmosphere. Two basic tips are using two color with strong relation, such as white and light blue and contrast combination like black and white. Three colors in single kitchen are easy to arrange.

In black white and blue kitchen ideas, one color represents one aspect or part. For example, you can apply light blue as wall color to cover entire kitchen. Light blue is rarely to be applied in kitchen, but you should try this one. To match with this color, white will be put in cabinet and the kitchen island. Two colors will give bright atmosphere, but you still need dark tone to ease. This is where black enter the kitchen as color for countertop. Keep in mind that black is only additional part to balance white and light blue.

From this example, you know that too much white is not good and less black is not proper balance. On the other side, having black and white at same portion is not entirely suitable. Your kitchen will be too dark and not quite pleasant to do activity. Another combination is black cabinet, white wall, and blue lighting. You can paint kitchen wall with white then use cabinet with black wooden. Blue acts as bridge to tie white and black. This color will be in lighting system due to easy to blend. This combination creates black white and blue kitchen.

You can apply black white and blue kitchen ideas easily. Try to experiment with white, black, and blue to fit the room composition. If you have trouble to find the right arrangement, ask experts or designer for further advice. Well, internet will be good source to get references.


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