Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets – Colors, Shades and Effects

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Best paint for kitchen cabinets will guarantee the best kitchen remodeling as well. This is yet the easiest and most effective trick to get a brand new kitchen look for your shabby outdated kitchen. As a focal point, cabinets do take most space and demand every single attention for passersby. Well, the cabinet material on one hand determines the type of the most suitable paint color. For instance, the best paint for kitchen cabinets oak is different to aluminum cabinets. And, consider the overall kitchen design so you can come up with the best color.

Look at your floor, walls and the counter first. If you wish to create classic kitchen, the best paint for kitchen cabinets white will be the right choice. White instantly brightens up the whole room. It is as beautiful as other neutral best paint for kitchen cabinets like light gray, greige, and beige. Usually, the simple classic cabinet is made perfect with best paint for kitchen cabinets without sanding. But, if you want to add a rustic effect, you should consider applying glaze or distressed technique to get the desired effect. These two techniques will bring distinctive character to the cabinets.

The right paint will be different if you wish for more adventurous colors. Choose yellow for instance. It creates bright kitchen atmosphere. Or, you can go with sky blue which is among the best paint for kitchen cabinets UK. Pair it with stainless steel accent and white marble countertop, the result will be stunning. There are also darker colors such as navy blue, cranberry red or emerald green. These colors make bold statement in your kitchen. And, they fit small kitchen perfectly. But if your kitchen is small and you still insist choosing dark colors for best paint for kitchen cabinets, make sure the wall or backsplash is painted in bright colors. It’s essential to create a balance.

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