Average Cost of Kitchen Cabinets Based on Styles and Sizes

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Magnificent average cost to replace kitchen cabinets as how much do kitchen cabinets cost cost of kitchen remodel

Average cost of kitchen cabinets is basically various. It is determined by multiple factors. With wood as the most popular material, the average cost of kitchen cabinets and countertops is mainly determined by the quality of the raw material. Quality is indeed something that you should not compromise because it decides the lifespan of the cabinets. What you don’t want the most is certainly a kitchen cabinet set that lasts only 2 years. This will be such a big waste of money for sure.

Of course, the average cost of kitchen cabinets for small kitchen is lower than for big kitchen. Kitchen’s dimension hugely affects the final cabinet cost because you must pay for more material to make your preferred cabinet. Typically, the average cost of kitchen cabinets for 10×12 feet kitchen is started at $4.000. This price doesn’t include the countertop and installation though. If you wish to have marble countertop, you have to spare at least $1.000 more. The cost can be higher is you wish a cabinet with custom construction. If you are okay with stock cabinet, you can save some money. But, if you aim for custom cabinet, it will cost you a lot more.

For semi custom cabinet, you have to prepare at least $8.000 and the cost will double as much as $16.000 for custom cabinets sets. But, the quality and design are definitely worth the price. Usually, you can get an offer of average cost of kitchen cabinets from home depot which is slightly cheaper. If you are good with carpentry, you can have DIY project in making your kitchen cabinets. This way, you can save at least half the price you pay for cabinets you purchase. To start the project, you must at least collect more kitchen cabinet design pictures for inspiration. Only then, you can calculate average cost of kitchen cabinets.



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