All Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Various Grains, Types and Characters

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All wood kitchen cabinets give the most flexible and easily updated material for any kitchen design. Wood is the most popular material thanks to its numerous finishes allowing you creating the stunning customized kitchen style. With so many choices of wood type available, what you need to do first is picking the wood type. Each type has different texture, grain and characteristics. The right type allows you to do customization according to your preferred all wood kitchen cabinets made in USA style, whether it is modern, classic traditional or eclectic.

Of all various types for all wood kitchen cabinets, you can choose cherry as this is the most popular wood option. It is known for its uniform grain color and medium reddish brown color. It’s more expensive compared to other wood types. The next choice will be maple. It is considerably lighter than cherry. Yet, it is smoother in texture makes it a perfect choice to be painted with various colors. According to all wood kitchen cabinets reviews, the premium choice comes with red oak. This wood comes with lighter brown color while it’s very rich in texture. It can be easily recognized from its distinctive grain pattern.

The affordable option can be obtained from pine. It’s budget-friendly wood material with distinctive rustic look making it ideal for country or traditional kitchen design. It’s often offered as all wood kitchen cabinets for sale. As softer wood, pine is easily to get scratched or dented so you have to apply the best protective finish. Meanwhile, the premium wood material comes with mahogany. It has distinctive swirling grain producing stunning design and rich reddish color. It’s the most durable wood material that can last for more than 10 years. And, it’s also the most expensive all wood kitchen cabinets. With so many choices of wood materials, make sure you pick the right one.


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