Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets Advantages and Disadvantages Review

by November 24, 2016

Acrylic kitchen cabinets are the best option for minimalist kitchen. This type of kitchen cabinet comes with glossy surface. It reduces the amount of detail thus makes it suitable for minimalist kitchen. Kitchen with modern and contemporary design can also use this kitchen cabinet variation as well. The acrylic layer on its surface is able to give huge impact on the overall design. As it goes with other kitchen cabinet model, this variation also has advantage and disadvantage.

The acrylic kitchen cabinets pros and cons are mostly related to its appearance. The main benefit is of course about its impressive looking. The glossy finish is usually using nontoxic substance. This finishing material is also able to withstand high kitchen temperature. The best part about it is the vibrant color that does not fade overtime. Due to the glossy surface, acrylic kitchen cabinets are able to reflect harmful effect of ultraviolet light. It is also resistant to moisture as well. Those reasons make it durable.

However, if you read the acrylic kitchen cabinets review, you will find some disadvantages about this glossy feature. The glossy appearance is indeed beautiful and impressive. It will no longer be beautiful and impressive once it is scratched. Repairing damaged acrylic surface is not an easy task. No matter how good you try to repair it, you can always see its flaw. The best thing you can do is replace the component. If you accidently scratch the door, replacing it will be easy. Things will be different if the panel is scratched.

Despite having pros and cons, you cannot deny that acrylic kitchen cabinets give clean looks. The cost to have one in your kitchen is also lower than other finishing material. Aside from acrylic, lacquer is also popular material for kitchen cabinet finish. If you make a comparison between them, you can easily see that acrylic kitchen cabinets cost is up to 40 percent cheaper than lacquer.

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