10×10 Kitchen Cabinets Comparison between IKEA and Lowes

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10x10 Kitchen Cabinets Comparison between IKEA and Lowes

10×10 kitchen cabinets are the common model used globally on kitchen improvement market. This kitchen cabinet dimension is standard measurement used by any kitchen cabinet manufacturer. Regardless the brand of their products, they will use the same dimension as sample. This sample is needed to help the customers compare from one kitchen cabinet to the other. Two of major kitchen cabinet manufacturers are IKEA and Lowe’s. Both of them use the same sample standard as well.

The 10×10 kitchen cabinets IKEA offers unique features. As it goes with other products manufactured by under the same brand, the kitchen cabinets are in modular pieces. Those pieces can be assembled in order to get functional kitchen cabinet. The assembling instruction is included in the package. The price of 10×10 kitchen cabinets from this company is depending on the material used. Do not expect high quality wood material for kitchen cabinets offered at average price.

Each brand has its own superior feature offered to the customers. Comparing two kitchen cabinets will not be complete without mentioning about 10×10 kitchen cabinets Lowes. Compared to model manufactured by IKEA, the products of Lowe’s are not modular. They focus on compact and versatile model instead. It means that you can save your kitchen space. At the same time, the model can be installed easily regardless your kitchen floor plans. As you can see, it is mostly suitable for kitchen with limited space available.

Some of you might already aware that your kitchen space is not actually in 10×10 by size. The standard dimension of 10×10 kitchen cabinets only gives picture of how much you need to spend in this particular dimension. Of course, the model does not include fixtures and other details that are usually coming along with kitchen cabinet. You can easily choose any kitchen cabinet from famous manufacturer for your kitchen if you take into your consideration about this standard dimension.

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