The Stunning Round Wood Kitchen Table with Leaf

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The stunning round wood kitchen table with leaf is well designed for a bit challenged kitchen space.  With its round shape, psychologically, it helps in creating the warm and intimate atmosphere because of the close space of seat. On the other side, with its leaf, it also facilitates to extend the number of seat based on the need. Therefore, if you have smaller size of kitchen but you also want to keep the intimacy of your family during the meal, don’t hesitate to choose this type of kitchen table.

Description of Round Wood Kitchen Table with Leaf

Similar with the name, the round wood kitchen table is made out of wood. Wooden material is best known with its high rate durability and more environmental friendly. Besides, its texture also gives the natural touch that produces the cozier atmosphere into the space. For some, adding glass for table top also serves more decorative look.

Kitchen table with leaf is such versatile and charming one. It accommodates you to modify the shape of table. The leaf can be folded up or down. You can fold up the leaf when you need to extend the number of seat, but you can fold it down if you do not need more seats. A thing that should be concerned with this table is to not attach the leaf to the underside of the table in order to keep the hinge well-preserved.

Then, related to the style of the kitchen table, for smaller space need, round wood kitchen table in pedestal style is proper to be used. It is because the style just needs a single table leg. So, it can save the space of the kitchen. In addition, to add more decorative sense of the table, you can place the vase with flowers as centerpieces.

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