Painted Kitchen Table and Chairs Ideas

by November 7, 2016

Desiring a new kitchen look means you have painted kitchen table and chairs ideas project to work on. Do some painting for the table is very easy and effortless. But at the same time, it provides totally new table look. There is big room to personalize it according to desired style and design from modern, classic to vintage.

Decide on Stunning Painted Kitchen Table Color

The wrong color can lead to disastrous looking kitchen. The area can appear weird and outdated. So, go through the tricky process of finding the right color before starting the project. There is no limitation to which painted kitchen table color to choose. However, keep in mind to avoid colors like pink, yellow or blue for the table. It just doesn’t look good. Instead, go with low profile colors like dark brown, light brown, grey, white or black. But, you can do more with the table like painting it with any bright colors you like.

The chalkboard paint for instance is a great idea if you are a person with creativity. To match it up, paint the chairs in contrast like white.  If you are a person liking rustic design so much. Copy the idea of having the table painted in natural wooden color while the chairs in two or more old rustic colors like blue, white and green. This will bring you back to several decades ago and give the kitchen more characters.

If you are having trouble deciding the right color for painted kitchen table, goes over to your curtain and use its color as inspiration. Matching the paint color with curtain is the easiest way to start painting. Another thing you may want to do is choosing waterproof paint because it’s the right way to maintain the color longer. It may cost more but is certainly worth considering.



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