Tricks to Set up Modern Kitchen Table Sets for Small Space

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To avoid having the room looks cramp, the right size and design of modern kitchen table sets for small space is essential. It’s true that small kitchen makes the whole designing process a lot more difficult especially if the owners have high expectation. Dealing with limited space requires more creativity so that every inch of the area can be nicely designed.

Small kitchen space doesn’t match up with thick furniture. So, avoid this kind of furniture in the first place. It only makes the space looks smaller. Instead, choose thin furniture. Any material is fine whether wood or metal. The number of chairs should not be exceeding 4 otherwise the kitchen will be full of the chairs and leave no more room for you to cook. Choose light colored sets instead dark colors because this kind of color adds nice ambience.

High table setting is worth to consider. More heights can bring more spacious look. It can be as high as the kitchen island. And yes, perhaps you can create the special island with dual functions both as area to prepare food and to eat it. It’s a smart idea that certainly saves you a lot of space. So, what is the most suitable shape for the modern kitchen table sets? Well, although any shapes can appear nice but square is much more recommended. Square table provides more surfaces which is one thing you need the most unlike round table.

This table is also a lot easier to be set up. Any part of the room is good whether in the center of corner. To be more creative, foldable modern kitchen table sets can serve multiple purposes. Lots of tiny houses’ owners have this kind of set. It can be easily folded when is not in use.


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