Minimalist Kitchen Table Round Wood for Modern Interior

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Minimalist kitchen table round wood is designed for the home whose the family members are not so many – only about 4 members for maximum. It is proper for kitchen with minimum space. Using this type of table also will increase the intimacy atmosphere because there are not any longer spaces to separate each of chairs. Therefore, it can establish the warm feeling toward family. Now, this article will give you the explanation about wooden kitchen table round. It serves you a new idea in decorating your kitchen area.

For information, this product is made out of authentically 100% Asian hardwood. This material is chosen because of its high rate durability. In addition, it does not use medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and veneer. Therefore, this stuff has high quality that gives you longer warranty for the kitchen table. This set is available in smooth warm oak finish color in which the main texture of the wood is still maintained. It gives the natural and decorative touch.

This kitchen table round is sustained by 4 pedestals with two 9 inches drop leaves. For the dimension, it has 42 inches length, 42 inches width, and 29 inches height. In this set, the product also includes four seat chairs whose the material is the same with the table. For each chair, it has dimension 17 x 17 x 36 inches (length x width x height).

To maintain the durability of this kitchen table round, you can keep the cleanness by wiping it using dust-cloth or you can cover it by a tablecloth. Avoid the direct sunlight to this stuff as it can make the color fade away. By doing this, your kitchen table will stay longer and help you in saving your money to buy the new table.

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