Cage Chandelier Kitchen Table Lighting Fixtures

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Cage chandelier kitchen table lighting fixtures are the equipment that support in giving the nice lighting for your kitchen. It has unique design in which the chandelier is designed as the same as cage that covers the bulb. The cage chandelier is shaped following the shape of round bulb. The bulb will exude the white light that makes your kitchen brighter. Thus, it is proper stuff for giving the sophisticated look because of the design and the resulted lighting.

Description and Arrangement of Kitchen Table Lighting

From the name, it explicitly tells us that cage chandelier kitchen table lighting is the equipment producing the light in cage chandelier style. There are many designs of its lighting equipment. You need to choose the right one according to the room theme. This article will only discuss the best design for modern interior.

The product has round bulb with diameter of 10 inches. For the cage chandelier, it has diameter of 20 inches. The chandelier is made out of high gloss stainless steel that exudes the shining impression. In addition, the bulb and chandelier are in well-combined color; the bulb is white while the chandelier is metallic silver. This product is already equipped by the long chain and its holder.

Moreover, for getting the decorative arrangement, installing a couple of kitchen table lighting is recommended. It can be hung above the kitchen table about a meter by using square formation. In addition, to create the dramatized lightning, the color of the wall and kitchen cabinet also should be concerned. For the wall, it is better to paint it by granite color. It has function to bounce off the bright light from the bulb. Then, for kitchen cabinets, paint them with similar color to the wall. Meanwhile for kitchen table, paint it by sorrel one.


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