Monthly Archive:: October 2016

Modern Kitchen Sets with Bench

Modern kitchen sets with bench are the perfect combination for home or private cooking activities. The best combination between table and bench can be placed in the dining room to make your lunch or dinner to be

Multifunction Modern Caster Kitchen Work Table on Wheels

Modern caster kitchen work table on wheels is the newest model of kitchen table which has many functions to make the cooking activities more enjoyable. This kind of table is easy to use because of the perfect

Metal Black Kitchen Table Sizes for 4

Metal black kitchen table sizes for 4 set is dining room furniture which is best designed for smaller space. It does not need spacious place because of its minimalist size. This stuff is well-designed in completing the

Minimalist Kitchen Table Round Wood for Modern Interior

Minimalist kitchen table round wood is designed for the home whose the family members are not so many – only about 4 members for maximum. It is proper for kitchen with minimum space. Using this type of

Brass Pendant Kitchen Table Light Fixtures

Brass pendant kitchen table light fixtures serve you the attractive decoration by its unique design and simple design. The pendant shade style will present the dramatized lighting into your kitchen. By the simple style, it is suitable

Cage Chandelier Kitchen Table Lighting Fixtures

Cage chandelier kitchen table lighting fixtures are the equipment that support in giving the nice lighting for your kitchen. It has unique design in which the chandelier is designed as the same as cage that covers the

Kitchen Table Hanging Light Fixture Ideas

Kitchen table hanging light fixture ideas will complete your interior design and give illumination in the entire room. The bright and clear light is needed for every room in the house, so you can do the activities

Multifunction Dining Table Ideas for Small Kitchen

Multifunction dining table ideas for small kitchen can be the trouble shooter for minimalist house or apartment. Minimalist home or furniture is common and it becomes a trend in this era which chosen by modern family. It

Farmhouse Rustic Kitchen Table Dimensional

Farmhouse rustic kitchen table dimensional is the best design for your traditional antique house or apartment. If you want to build your dream house with traditional style, this kitchen table might suit your taste. Using vintage farmhouse

The Top Material for Kitchen Table Designs DIY

Be careful in choosing the top material as kitchen table designs DIY. It you pick the right material, it will give you an outstanding kitchen for your new house or apartment. Nowadays, kitchen is not only a