The Extendable Vintage Kitchen Table Formica

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For you who like vintage looks, you might want to consider purchasing an extendable vintage kitchen table Formica and metal. Some Formica kitchen tables might look very cheap and too old school. However, the trends always come around, right? With the right instinct and luck in finding them, the perfect kitchen table will be in your hands in no time. The Formica table was very popular and widely used in 50s. There are still around these days, maybe in our grandparents’ or our parents’ house.

How to Apply Vintage Kitchen Table as Room Decoration

If you love vintage looks, you can bring back them in your house, particularly in your kitchen by applying this vintage kitchen table. The Formica surface makes this table very durable since Formica is non-porous. The non-porous surface makes it has stain-proof. Therefore, cleaning it wouldn’t be a big problem. Formica tables usually have a metallic seam and structure which enhances more the retro look.

Many Formica kitchen tables are extendable. You can choose to use it in its shorter version or longer one. This makes the table more flexible, as you can use it for two people and in other occasion when you have guests, for four people. The flexibility also extends to its placement. You can not only place it in kitchens, but you can also bring it outside if you want to have lunches outside in better weathers. The durable material makes this possible.

These tables usually come in sets with matching vinyl and metal chairs. The designs of the chairs are also retro completed by smooth edges and lot of curves. In addition, vintage kitchen table like Formica is a must go if you like retro looks. They are beautiful and remind you of the past. Moreover, it’s durable and can stay with you for a long time, perhaps for a lifetime.

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